Do Not Use Parts from

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Do Not Use Parts from

The Component Search Engine offers 'free' download of parts. Should you use them or even trust them?

Spoiler alert: Do not use them. They are not worth the effort and could ruin your design. If they make such a gross error in the 3D model; where else are there errors?

Use SnapEDA

You can now easily search for parts on and quickly download the part into AutoTRAX.

This video show you how to easily download parts from and use them in AutoTRAX.


If you try to download a part you will often be meet with a message like the one below:


Here is a part I was lucky enough to downloaded from their website into AutoTRAX

Molex 176470106

Here is the picture from the Molex datasheet.



The symbol have a 'washy' text color. This applies to all their parts that I have test.

The footprint looks OK.

The 3D model! Well, it's gone to sleep. It also has white metal connectors. The model is a single 3D model and although AutoTRAX can apply materials to parts of a 3D model, in this case the material is applied to both the plastic body and the metal connector pins. The color is white, yet the actual part is a dark gray.

I reported the model error to them 10 weeks ago, but it's still not fixed.

Here what Mark from SamacSys says:

'Not all 3D models are aligned to the footprint if they are provided by the manufacturer but we work through the backlog to align them all.

We are also expanding more into 3D it was not a focus for us in the past. '

In fact, I find very few of the parts I tested even had 3D models.



The Symbol


The Footprint


The 3D Model


1.Search for the part's datasheet using Google and download it.

2.Build the part in AutoTRAX using the datasheet (don't forget to add the datasheet to the part).

3.If needed download the 3D from

This way you can be secure in the knowledge that it is correct.



SnapEDA Access Button

A button has been added to the library panel to download free parts. See more...