Device Package Types

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Device Package Types


Small outline Integrated Circuit – These are good SMT alternatives to the duel in-line package (DIP), due to their dramatically reduced size. In general, they take up 30 – 50% less space and 70% less thickness than an average DIP.


Thin Small Outline Package – TSOPs are low profile packages with fine-pitch leads. TSOPs are typically meant to accommodate large silicon chips in high density packages (RAM or flash memory ICs), largely because of their low volume/high pin count.


Quad Flat Pack – QFNs are high lead count packages (44 – 304). Its leads are typically gull wing. There are many kinds of QFNs, and they are one of the most common surface-mount ICs.


Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier  - Connections are made on all four edges of a square package with a relatively high pin count. PLCCs can have roughly 18 – 100 leads (usually J-leads). Many of them can fit into IC sockets and can be easily replaced in the field. PLCCs have long been a popular option.  


Lead-less Chip Carrier – Not to be confused with PLCC, LCCs have no leads. Rather, LCCs are soldered directly onto PCBs by their (castellation) solder pads. These are usually designed for Mil Spec because, with no leads to damage, they're quite "rugged." LCCs are great for high temperature and aerospace applications.  


Pin Grid Array – PGAs are typically square or rectangular, with pins arranged underneath the package. They're design was highly influential on the now ubiquitous BGA.

Flip Chip

Flip chips are bare die packages, with small bottom-side solder bumps that act as leads. They are soldered directly onto the PCB.


Ball Grid Array – BGAs are perhaps one of the best performing SMT packages in use today, due to their high densities. The BGA is a descendent of the PGA, yet instead of pins, it has solder balls that can be placed directly onto the PCB. Because of their high density, BGAs are typically used to house microprocessors.

Ball Grid Array BGA uses the underside of the package to place pads with balls of solder in grid pattern as connections to PCB.

FBGA        Fine-pitch ball-grid array        A square or rectangular array of solder balls on one surface

LBGA        Low-profile ball-grid array        Also known as laminate ball-grid array

TEPBGA Thermally-enhanced plastic ball-grid array        

CBGA        Ceramic ball-grid array        -

OBGA        Organic ball-grid array        -

TFBGA Thin fine-pitch ball-grid array        -

PBGA        Plastic ball-grid array        -

MAP-BGA Mold array process - ball-grid array        -

UCSP        Micro (μ) chip-scale package        Similar to a BGA (A Maxim trademark example)

μBGA        Micro ball-grid array        Ball spacing less than 1 mm

LFBGA        Low-profile fine-pitch ball-grid array        -

TBGA        Thin ball-grid array        -

SBGA        Super ball-grid array        Above 500 balls

UFBGA        Ultra-fine ball-grid array