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AutoTRAX has it's own scripting engine based on the Python programming language. (IronPython).

See the language reference.

You can create your own command plug-ins that can be linked to a menu button.

A command plug-in consists of:

IronPython Script

This is a Python program that is run on demand by clicking the commands button in the menu or by clicking on the Run in the scripting panel.

AutoTRAX exposes a large API that you can call from your IronPython program.

In addition IronPython exposes the complete Microsoft .NET API for you to use.

Button Icons

You can optionally add 2 buttons icons to be displayed in the menu button. You can set a 16x16 pixel small icon and a 32x32 pixel large icon.

Button Caption

You can optionally add a text caption for the button.


You can optionally add a toolTip to be displayed when the mouse is moved over the button. This gives you information on the command. The toolTip has a title and text content.

If you enable a command plug-in, then it will be added to the menu as a button.