Updating Your Version

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Updating Your Version

This video shows you how to get the latest version of AutoTRAX.

Updating AutoTRAX

Manual Checking

To manually check for updates click the HomeAccountclip0027 button.


When AutoTRAX starts it optionally checks to see if there is a new version of AutoTRAX available.

If there is a new version it will display the dialog box below.


Click the clip1312 download button to have AutoTRAX download the latest version and install it. This is the easiest way to update and you will not be prompted for install passwords and setup details. When AutoTRAX is downloading the latest version it will display the download progress dialog shown below.


To disable auto-updating click the Cancel button and the following dialog will be displayed. Click on the No button to prevent checks for updates in future.


To re-enable auto-updatings click on the Get Latest Version button clip0027 in the HomeAccount menu