Roadmap for the 2019

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do... Explore. Dream. Discover."
- Mark Twain

Before setting out on a new journey it's always a good idea to see where you've been.
Click here to view the changes that were made to AutoTRAX DEX-PCB in past

Planned enhancements to AutoTRAX DEX-PCB for the next 2019

  • Schematic Auto-router
    This will greatly help you create your design.
    • Improved follow me router for adding wires
    • Better rewiring when moving symbols.
    • Better rewiring when moving wires.
  • PCB Autorouter
    • Used in the schematic router
    • Follow me router
    • Interactive
    • Very fast
    • Not locked to a machine
    • Free with no limits
  • Design Partioning
    Ability to split up a design into multiple sheet. Select parts in a schematic and move to...
    • Sub-system with ports
    • Sub-system
    • Sibling sheet on same level
    • Child sheet
  • Gates and Pin Swap
    Group pads into gates and swapable pads.
  • Part Creators
    Similar to the current add/edit resistor dialog/command the following device types will be supported:
    • MELF resistors
    • Inductors
    • Transformers
    • Diodes
    • Transistors
  • Parametric Models
    Parametric device models that automatically create footprints, 3D parts and the associated schematic symbols will be added for the following device types:
    • SIP resistors
    • Sockets
    • Transformers
    • Coil Inductors - Panasonic
  • Parts Library
    • More parts and expanded community parts.
    • Web based parts librarian.
  • Simulation
    This is a very significant part of AutoTRAX DEX-PCB.
    • Easier to use Parts
    • More powerful Probe (Simulation view)
    • More instruments
    • Device charactertization plots
  • HELP System
    • More videos.
    • Part Creaion book.
    • Designing with AutoTRAX DEX-PCB book.
  • Online Tutorials
    • Powerpoint style presentation.
    • Videos.
  • The 3D viewer/modeler will be improved to:
    • Import from Active3D into AutoTRAX DEX-PCB.
    • More model creation techniques including surface of revolution, extrusions and machine tool operations like drills.
  • 3D Import
    • STEP import.
  • PCB Routing
    • Improved internal router. Shaped based at no additional cost.
    • Follow me routing with manual routing linked to the internal router; a bit like the schematic wire router.
  • PCB UI
    • Turn on/off individual unrouted nets using route panel.
  • PCB Vias
    • Via stack.
  • PCB Layer Build-up
    • PCB Layer designer properties panel
    • Electrical properties
    • Physical properties
  • Reliability
    Kill all those bugs and usability issues and make AutoTRAX DEX-PCB rock solid:
    • Improved Mantis Bug Tracking.
    • Feature Tracking.
    • Usability Tracking.
'It's a long road, but with all roads, there is an end.'

Click here if you have any ideas for things to add to the roadmap.