What New in AutoTRAX


Changes in 2019 



Monday 21 October 2019

PCB Layer Stack

  • New PCB layer stack ta  in lthe Layers panel and the CM settings popup.

Monday 14 October 2019


  • Add parts dialog now stays on top.


  • Improved priting of PCBs.

Track Net Names

  • Option to show/hide track net names.



Friday 11 October 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Adding resistors/capacitors, with PCB top layer off, placed parts incorrectly.
  • Improved copper fills inside copper fills.
  • Copper pour now not filled if totally inside a keepout.


Thursday10 October 2019

Parts Catalog

  • Update for server not downloading database.


Tuesday 9 October 2019

Library Panel

  • New preview of parts/artworks and designs. Drag icon onto schematics.



Bug Fixes

  • Improved settings for removing symbols footprints.


Thursday 3 October 2019


  • Automatic settings of terminals with model selection e.g. N+, N- NC+...
  • VCVS, VCCS, CCCS, CCVS, Voltage and Current sources made virtual.


Tuesday 1 October 2019

Quick Add Resistors and Capacitors

  • You can optionally add resistors and capacitors quickly.



When you want to set/edit a resistor capacitor: double click on it.



Sunday 29 September 2019

Virtual Parts

  • Improved user interface when creating virtual parts. A virtual part is a part without a footprint but usually has a single terminal with a named node e.g. a ground symbol with a single terminal with a named node of say 'AGND' and graphics showing a ground symbol.

Removed Annoying Resizing

  • Improved user interface when dragging say a symbol reference to reposition it; sometimes the user interface mode would switch to resizing.

Saturday 28 September 2019

Refactoring Schematics

  • Excess inter-wire connectors removed when you refactor schematic parts to another sheet.


Friday 27 September 2019

Solder Paste for TPH Pads

  • You can now automatically add solder paste to the component side of a TPH pad: You would do this if you was using a TPH pad with a SMT part and you want a thermal relief connetuon to the rear.


Wednesday 25 September 2019

Context Menu Tool-Tips

  • Added tool-tips for all radial and drop-down menu items. 858 tool-tips in total.

e.g. For theRadial Menu



Tuesday 24 September 2019

Heads-Up Display

  • Title and body text



Monday 23 September 2019

Heads-Up Display

  • Autohides if mouse is over it - this stops clutter.
  • Auto-color based on the background.
  • Improved display e.g. manual routing:



Sunday 22 September 2019

Heads-Up Display now shows if Status Bar hidden

  • Can be turned off in settings.

Saturday21 September 2019

Heads-Up Display (Full-Screen Only)

  • Can be turned off in settings.



Improved Radial Menu

Friday 20 September 2019

  • Added View schematic/PCB/3D contect menu items.
  • Fixed ocassional 3D rounded corners on some tracks.
  • Improved Radial Menu

Thursday 19 September 2019

3D Full screen

  • Fix for full screen only working once.
  • 3D Radial and Drop-down menus.

Thursday 12 September 2019

Removed excess viewports

  • Removed excess viewports that sometimes occured when opening previous parts/projects in tiled mode.

Sunday 8 September 2019

Auto-collapse Nav-Bar Groups

  • Option to automatically collapse non-selected nav-bar groups. This gives a simplified view. See Settings/UI panel. Default is utomatically collapse.

Saturday7 September 2019

New Tooltips for Footprints/Pads




New Optional Fillets for Extruded Rectangles/Ellipses and Closed Curves



Wednesday 4 September 2019

Setup Program Size Reduced by 2.4MB.

Monday 2 September 2019

3D Pad pins

Pads can now have optional 3D pins. Round, Square and DIP for TPH pads. Gull-Wing for SMT pads.

Quick Overview of the DEX-PCB Designer


See how DEX-PCB produces superb schematics and PCBs and see examples of the stunning 3D views of your PCB.



Using The Add Parts Dialog


  1. This video goes through the process of adding parts from the parts catalog to your schematics.
  2. It first shows you how to very quickly find and add a part.
  3. Next it goes into further details of how to use the add part dialog.
  4. Finally, it details several of the powerful formatting tools that are available for the grid display that shows all the parts found


 August 2019

Monday 26 August 2019

Parametric Pad Parameters

  • Setting pad shape to round makes pads circular not elliptical. You can set to elliptical by altering size.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Manual Routing

  • Option to hide ideal target arrow removed.

Thermal Vias

  • 3D copper now OK for vias in pads.

Thursday 22 August 2019


  • You can now set pen and fill for all entities in a group.
  • Fix for hidden footprint values being shown after editing parametric parts.
  • Manual routing '+' increase track width by 10%., '-' decreases it by 10%.

Wednesday 21 August 2019


  • Holding down Ctrl or Shift keys stops automatic via creation; keeps track on same layer.
  • Improved layout of Library Panel.
  • Fix for auto-expanding terminal magnet.

Tuesday 20 August 2019


  • Updated Serial Backpack sample project.
  • Fix for PCBs filled and Zoom Window failing to show zoom area correctly.
  • Layer Panel Route button hides solder mask and draws (2D) PCB hollow.

Sunday 18 August 2019

Manual Routing /Route Panel

  • Add Route status now shows total track length and total board route efficiency.
  • Vias now drawn above tracks  - fixes visibility bug when viewing from bottom.
  • DaisyChainRouting bug fix for manual routing.
  • Added route efficient % to Route Panel for each net.
  • Route panel show fully/partially routed nets green/pale green.
  • Route panel shows nets on power planes with cyan background.
  • Nets on power planes show 100% efficiency.
  • Selecting net in the route panel updates ribbon menu.
  • Route Panel displays node ID for nets with no signal name,

Friday16 August 2019

Manual Routing

  • Add track can now add tracks to/from vias, pads and track segments.

Wednesday 14 August 2019

Manual Routing

  • Fix for manually re-routing a track to itself.
  • Give preference to picking target on same layer as trackBeingRouted

Manual Routing / DRC

  • Improved manual routing.
  • Moving tracks segment runs DRC.
  • New Add Track command.
  • Real-time DRC for vias or pads moved.

Saturday 10 August 2019


  • Fix for PCB-errors sometimes permanently dimmed.
  • Easier picking of tracks under PCB-errors.

Friday 9 August 2019

Manual Routing Context Menu

  • The manual routing context menu is now forced to popdown. The radial menu hides too much.

Route Panel

  • Displays the route status for each net.
  • The % Routed now works on % routed track lengths to give a better estimate.
  • Clicking on a net views the net maximized.

Manual Routing

  • Cancel works OK
  • unrouted selected segments show cyan if at 45 degrees.

Wednesday 7 August 2019


  • Changed order of Zoom commands.
  • Fixed color/layer of angled guide.
  • Duplicate Symbol button correctly enabled.
  • Fix for ports making 'schematic content disappear'.

Sunday 4 August 2019


  • Reordered context menu (zoom/pan)
  • Zoom Window now displays window status
  • Status Bar text now instantly updates.

Saturday 3 August 2019


  • Now appears on current screen.
  • Modeless.

Context Menu

  •   Context menu for Sketcher updated.

 Zoom Window

  •   New zoom window command - try it!

Friday 2 August 2019

Context Menu

  •   Context menus for selected enitites - improved icons.

Thurdsay 1 August 2019

Context Menu

  •  Context menus for selected enitites.
  • Extended context menu commands to over 283 separate commands. Again, not all are available at any one type as context dictates some are not applicable.


JULY 2019

Tuesday 30 July 2019

Context Menu

  • Extended context menu commands to over 180 separate commands. Not all are available at any one type as context dictates some are not applicable.

Monday 29 July 2019


  • Radial menu added to the sketcher.

Sunday 28 July 2019

3D Context Menu

  • Extended context menu for the 3D viewport.


  • Added controls to the Part Wizard and the Part Builder to add datasheet details from the computer's file system or the Internet.

Saturday 27 July 2019

Context Menu

  • You can now drag the radial menu by dragging the center Dx icon.
  • Added copy, delete and paste.

Friday 26 July 2019

Context Menu

  • Add graphics items
  • Add parts items - project/schematic only.
  • Faster radial menu.

Thursday 25 July 2019

Radial Context Menu

  • Right click context menu is now a radial menu.
  • Updated radial and popup menus.
  • You can set either as the default in the Ribbon->Panel menu.

Wednesday 17 July 2019

STL Import Fix

  • Fix for failure to import STL text files. Binary files were OK.

Monday15 July t2019

Route Status

  • Added new route status to the top of the Route Panel.
  • Shows % complete, net count, pad count, via count.

Saturday 13 July t2019


  • Press F11 to view schematic/PCB or 3D full screen.
  • Press F11 to restore.
  • F11 is the same key used by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge


Full screen is great for manual routing:

  1. Set up layer visibility by click the Route button in the Layers Panel.
  2. Press F11
  3. Route


  • When tracks dimming is on, not selected unrouted track segment now no longer can be picked - they are invisible and should not bepicked, yet they were pickable.

Monday 8 July t2019

Ribbon Menu

  • Add Ribbon Menu changed. Parts group added.
  • Fix for order of buttons sometimes changing when application restarts.
  • Option to only display IEEE or IEC resistor symbols or both.  - default is IEEE.
  • New command to convert all resistors to IEEE or IEC on current schematic.
  • Added 3 special commands Ctrl+F10 ,Ctrl+F11, Ctrl+F12 to set application window size.

Ctrl+F6 = 1024 x 768

Ctrl+F7 = 1280 x 1024

Ctrl+F8 = 1920 x 1080

Saturday 6 July t2019

Ribbon Menu

  • Improved organization of button groups.
  • Improved layout on narrower screens and narrow main window.

Friday 5 July t2019

Tool-Apps / Dialogs

  • Active3D, Part Builder, Spreadsheet, Scheduler and Text Editor restored.
  • Option for New Dialog styles restored.
  • Some button groups in the ribbon menu have been moved to the right.
  • Some button groups reordering to represent a logical order of actions. e.g. DRC before CAM.

Thursday 4 July t2019

UI Changes

  • Hidden ribbon menu state saved/restored
  • Color pick/magnifier added to color settings in the Settings Panel.

Tuesday 2 July t2019

Maintainance Build

  • Updated .NET framework
  • Updated UI

  Pads with Slots

  • Fix for entering 0 for pad hole height removing slot property and turning it into a circle.

Monday 1 July t2019

3D Speedup

  • Can b up to 20X faster for reload.
  • Faster redraw, especially for complex PCBs.
  • Rotating PCB in 2D fixed for 3D models.

 JUNE 2019


Sunday 30 June 2019

Compact Ribbon

  • Added command to compact ribbon menu - Panels->Menu->Compact

Saturday 29 June 2019


  • Updated components: no change to features.


  • Fix for text not appearing in negatic plots.
  • Layer list now shows solder mask layers on the top and bottom.

Friday 28 June 2019

Settings Panel

  • New format
  • Added search

Parts Catalog

  • Fix for parts Catalog not updating

Thursday 27 June 2019

User Interface

  • Updated User Interface (UI).
  • Office 2019 ribbon by default.
  • Classic Window (drop-down menus) removed
  • Color picker with magnifying glass
  • Open/Save dialogs now have theme skinning

Thursday20 June 2019

Plot Color

  • You can now set the plot color.

Sunday16 June 2019


  • Removed excess tiled viewports
  • Fix for replace part from library with pads with identical names
  • Save part to library - footprint orientation is now correct.
  • Fix for printing with empty sheet and page hidden.
  • Fix for some schematic wires connected to subsystems not creating tracks.
  • Renumber parts using schematics ignores symbols with no footprint.
  • Finer grid for remumbering schematic parts gives better results.
  • Fix for PCB transforms (rotations)

Friday, 14 June 2019


  • OpenGL status shows in the About Box without opening a 3D viewport.

Thursday, 13 June 2019


  • Fix for some polygonal PCB cutouts being wrong.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019


  • Net locked status.
  • You can now unlock from properties or context menu - right click.


 MAY 2019


Thursday, 30 May 2019

Part Catalog Dialog

  • Tweaks to usability.
  • Added Show/Hide Group Panel for the Grid View.


Monday, 27 May 2019

Adding Resistors/Capacitors

  • Fix for package size.
  • Fix for 3D body color.


Saturday, 25 May 2019

Standard Parts

  • Moved to C:\ProgramData\AutoTRAX Software\DEX\Parts

Part Catalog

  • Fix for adding mult-symbol parts using drag and drop.
  • New help topic for The Parts Catalog


Thursday, 23 May 2019

Part Catalog

  • Improved parts in the Parts Catalog. Inverted inputs etc.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Part Catalog Dialog

  • Improved 3D view.
  • Improved drag and drop behaviour.

3D Viewport

  • View all and view camera view improved.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Fixes, STL Export,Tracks Unrouted, Ports and Sub-systems

  • Fix for failure to export some projects.
  • Adding another layer with a signal name no longer unroutes all tracks.
  • Fix for starting a wire on a port not working.
  • Fix for some errors saving projects withsub-systems.

 Sunday, 19 May 2019

Generic Parametric Part

  • It is now possible to turn off auto-generation of 3D

 Saturday, 18 May 2019


  • Improved usability for the Parts Catalog Dialog and the Library Panel.
  • Better drag and drop onto the Library Panel.

 Friday, 17 May 2019

Parts Catalog Dialog

  • Improved.
  • More responsive.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Parts Catalog

  • 45,474 parts now in Parts Catalog.
  • Double click on part row now adds part.
  • Added button to add selected part to the local library.

Add Resistor and Add Capacitor Dialog

  • Improved symbol view.
  • Bug fix for adding capacitor would simetimes connect both terminals to the same pad.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Local Library Parts

  • Distributed library parts removed from the library panel into the Parts Catalog

 Monday, 13 May 2019

Simplified and more poweful search in Parts Catalog

  • Search on multiple keywords in:
    • part name
    • description
    • mounting technology
    • manufacturer
    • device type
  • Classic drop-down menu dropped.


 Saturday, 11 May 2019

Symbol Terminals + 1612 Atmel Parts

  • User defined terminal node names only allowed in symbols with only 1 terminal e.g. Vcc and GND.
  • Added 1,612 Atmel parts to the Parts Catalog. Total parts in Parts Catalog now 39,599.

 Friday, 10 May 2019

New Parametric Parts

  • Generic Parametric Part. This is a part that is a 3D box and contact pads/pins based on the footprint pads.
  • Create Parametric Part. This is a wizard button in the Footprint Builder section of the Part Builder Panel.
  • Improved 3D for generic parametric parts.

Thursday, 9 May 2019


 APRIL 2019


New Parts Library

  • ~30,000 parts.

  Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Import 3D Dialog

  • Fix so it appears correctly on small screens.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Symbol Terminals and Fix

  • Fix for Strict Design rule not being saved.
  • Point/Circle symbols terminals disabled on terminal magnets.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Library Update

  • Fix for excessive warnings when downloading library if target is read-only.

 Friday, 19 April 2019


  • Fix for no schematic errors showing in DRC panel if no PCB errors. Schematic errors were however showing on schematics.

 Thursday, 18 April 2019


  • Add parts menu now improved: expecially resistors/capacitor.
  • Standard part fill colors match Symbol Terminal Magnet colors: library updated.

Combine to Shape

  • Selected joined lines/arcs now combine to special shape object. Use for more complex graphics such as login symbols.

 Monday, 8 April 2019

Bug Fix - Control Visibility

  • Fillet closed curve button not fully visible on copper pour, keepout editor etc.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Design Checker Panel

  • Improved real-estate usage.

   Monday, 1 April 2019

Bug Fix - Pads with Slot Holes

  • Fix for error when saving hole size.


 MARCH 2019


Sunday, 31 March 2019

Pad Hole Sizes / PCB Layer Order / DRC

  • PCB pads with holes that are larger than the pad have their sizes restricted to 95% of the minimum pad width/height.
  • PCB layer order now changed so that the solder paste layers are above the silkscreen layers.
  • Added option checkboxes for Check for unconnected terminals and duplicate terminals.


Saturday, 30 March 2019

Symbol Editor, SOT-23 and DRC

  • Added new tab to the symbol editor's properties panel to display/edit all terminals belonging to the selected symbol.
  • SOT-23 parameteric parts with 3,4,5 or 6 leads.
  • Schematic DRC check for duplicate pad references in symbols.

 Thursday, 28 March 2019


  • Added Count column for number of items.

Monday, 24 March 2019

Save 3D Image with Transparent Background

  • You can now save 3D views to file with transparent background.
  • Resizing main windows:
    • Active 2D or 3D viewport size shown in the status bars.
    • Controls left of the status line are hidden for small main window widths to ensure status line is visible.

 Sunday, 24 March 2019

Refactor to Schematic - Autofit Option

  • There is now an autofit option to size content to fill page (less border) when moving schematic items to another sheet.
  • Added autofit button to page size properties in the properties panel.
  • Added reset scale button to page size properties in the properties panel.
  • Bug fix for 'unrouted selected track segment' button in the Ribbon Menu unrouting the same segment of other tracks.

  Saturday, 23 March 2019

Copy/Save Image with Transparent Background

  • You can now save 2D views to the clipboard (Ctr+C) or to a file with optional transparent background.
  • You can now save 3D views to the clipboard (Ctr+C) with transparent background.

  Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for polygonal/curved pads not having solder paster clearance.

  Saturday, 16 March 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Part Wizard. Added library target selection tree.
  • New Part Creator App. based on the Part Wizard.

 Thursday, 14 March 2019

BOM - Grouping

  • You can now group parts by
    • value
    • description
    • vendor part number
    •  your part number
    • pad count

  Monday, 11 March 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for imported 3D models not showing in 2D view.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for entities that should not be grouped being in groups. Automatically ungrouped.
  • Fix for symbol terminal error markers intefering with wire routing.


  • Added selected properties editor to properties panel.

 Saturday, 9 March 2019

Gerber / CAM Output

  • Added option for V-Cuts.
  • Added reset button to remove output overrides.   

 Friday, 8 March 2019

Gerber / CAM Output

  • You can now set your own output file names with extension. This is saved per project.

 Tuesday, 5 March 2019


  • Added new 2D Vector sketcher application.

Sunday, 3 March 2019


  • Added many more commands to the ribbon menu.

Saturday, 2 March 2019


  • Added the Active3D application. See the Home or Tools Ribbon menu.



Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for missing text align middle center button.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Multi-screen Support

New button added.

Panels->Window->Add Window

Creates a new Application Main Window for the same project.

Use on multiple screens.

Layout saved when you save the project.

Use Exit to close all Application Main Windows.   

 Saturday, 16 February 2019

Bug Fixs

  • Fix for footprints partially off board being unrounded.
  • Fix for floating viewports size 'flicker'

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Fix for invisible terminals attached to terminals magnets

  • Fix for invisible terminals attached to terminals magnets. Terminal is forced visible if attached to a terminal magnet.
  • Fix for missing to slot top left/right slots.

 Monday, 11 February 2019

Simple Schematic Othogonal Routing

  • If schematic auto-routing is turned off then a simple orthogonal router takes it's place. Not nearly as good as the schematic auto-routing but the choice is yours.
  • Fix for pressing ESC when manually editing a track undoing too much.

 Sunday, 10 February 2019

Edit Original Part - Moving Inter-Wire Connectors

  • Symbol's tooltip show file location of original part.
  • Symbol's menu has option to open original part in AutoTRAX as a seperate instance of AutoTRAX.
  • Moving interwire connectors now correctly re-routes.

  Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Option to View Break-Aways

  • Checkbox to view/hide breakaway mouse-bites/cutouts now at the top left of the PCB Border's property panel.  

  Sunday, 3 February 2019

Fix for Main Window Not Restoring Correctly

  • Sometimes main window would appear on wrong screen if maximized  This only applies to multiscreen computers.

  Friday, 1 February 2019

Export to Gerber/Manufacturing + User Group

  • Fix for partial non-display of export to Gerber/Manufacturing dialog.
  • Forum button in menu.


 Friday, 18 January 2019

Improved Bus/Wires

  •  Default wire junction doubled in size to improve visibility.
  • Default bus junction increased in size by 50% to improve visibility.
  • Default bus width reduced by 33%.
  • Buses now work correctlly with the auto-router.
  • Buses moved to top to make bus junction selection easy.
  • Wire jumpers updated.
  • Easier editing of wires and buses.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Improved PCB Auto-Router - VERY FAST

  • This is Stage 0 of development of the new PCB auto-route. DEX UNO compete autoroute in 0.503 seconds. Yes the quality is poor but it's a fast starting point to work from.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for part values for headers.
  • Add Capacitor dialog fix for updating 2D/3D display after parameters change and enlarged value editor.
  • Fix for parametric capacitors not displaying values on top.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Refactoring Your Design ++

  • You can now set a symbol's terminal magnet fill and edge style by selecting the symbol. No need to sub-pick.
  • Refactor selected to a new schematic has option to add subsystem symbol for the new schematic to the original schematic.
  • Mirror, align and distribute optionally reroutes wires.
  • Bug fix for arrays symbols+attached wires.

  Friday, 11 January 2019

Disable Schematic Autorouter

  • Option to disable the automatic schematic router when adding wires and moving symbols.
  • Added menu item to symbol popup menu to autoroute symbol.
  • Fix for deleting symbols in schematics sometimes not working.
  • Fix for ports not auto-routing correctly.
  • Refactoring to sheet now optionally creates subsystem symbol.
  • Terminal magnets for subsystem symbols now easier to move/size : no need to subpick.

 Thurrsday, 10 January 2019

Faster Schematic Routing / Problem Reporter

  • Another speed increase, > 2 times.
  • DEX UNO total schematic re-route in 0.9s (machine dependent)
  • Problem reporter display your reports (Filed after 10th. January, 2019 19.30 GMT)


Wednesday 9 January 2019

Bug Fixes

Fix for:

  • Added menu item to node/wire menu to re-route selected schematic wire(s)
  • Saving selected part to library also includes any imported 3D models in the part.
  • Now more undo states when changing parts with the part's property panel.
  • Fixed symbol name errors when selecting parametric part type in the part builder for  projects
  • Fix for possible hanging wires in schematics if a sibling symbol is deleted.
  • Converting selected to a polygon retains 3D properties. 

Tuesday 8 January 2019

More optimization of schematic wires / 3D

  • Elimination of short angled wire sections.
  • Automatic positioning of wire junction.
  • Better looking wiring.
  • Improved rendering of extruded closed curves in 3D.

 Monday, 7 January 2019

Fix for moving wires in schematics

  • Previously the autorouter kicked in if you moved a track segment thereby undoing the move.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Faster Schematic Routing

  • Speed increase, in some case X10.
  • Higher success rate.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Bug Fixs / Improved Schematic Routing

  • Failure to move footprint.
  • Improved schematic router. Bug fixes and optimizations.
  • When generating Gerber files you are asked if you have run the DRC and filled copper pours and split power planes.

 Friday, 4 January 2019

Improved Schematic Routing/Bug Fixes/UI

  • New schematic router.
  • Bug fixes
  • User interface improvements.


 Changes in 2018

 Thursday, 27 December 2018

Improved Schematic Routing

  • Fix for wires coming off the base of resistors sometimes not routing vertically.

 Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Improved Schematic Routing

  • Rotating inter-wire connector - re-routes correctly.
  • Rotating symbols - wire jumpers set.

 Saturday, 22 December 2018

Improved 3D rendering of holes for vias, pads and regular holes

  • Added editor for part value in the Part Builder.

 Sat Dec 15, 2018

Improved Part Builder for 2 Sided Parts

 Fri Dec 14, 2018

New quick export buttons for Bill Of Materials

  • New quick export buttons for Bill Of Materials
  • Export to PDF

 Sat Dec 8, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for pads with thermal relief not popping transform in copper pours.
  • Improved placement of tooling holes and global Fiducial points.

 Sun Dec 4, 2018

New Text Ribbon Page Controls

  • There are now an extra 6 ribbon pages in the menu with loads of powerful commands for embedded text documents.

Sun Dec 2, 2018

Footprint Values Layer

  • If a footprint is a parametric footprint then the part value is forced onto a package layer else it is forced on to a silkscreen layer. Parametric footprints show the part value text in 3D on the part. Non-parametric footprint part value text is placed on the...

Fri Nov 30, 2018

New DRC Rules for Copper Pours

  • New DRC Rules for Copper Pours. There are 3 new rules. All 3 rules check for illegal contact to copper pours. Pad to copper pour. Via to copper pour. Track to copper...

Thu Nov 29, 2018

Gerber Layers/Settings Panel in Gerber Viewer is now split

  • Gerber Layers/Settings Panel in Gerber Viewer is now split.

Thu Nov 29, 2018

Fix for DRC failing to detect track intersections

  • Fix for DRC failing to detect track intersections for rounded tracks where segment is straight.

 Wed Nov 28, 2018

Schematic Auto-router

  • Schematic Auto-router This video demonstrates the power of the schematic router in AutoTRAX. It will save you hours of work and is really fun to use.

 Wed Nov 21, 2018

Pick & Place & Gerber Output Optimized.

  • Pick & place optimized for Panels. Gerber output optimized.

Mon Nov 19, 2018

Generate Gerber Files Dialog now has preview

  • Generate Gerber Files Dialog now has preview

Sun Nov 18, 2018

PCB Panel Generator

You can now create a PCB panel with 1 or more copies of your PCB. Includes:

  • Optional V-Cuts Optional
  • breakout tabs Optional
  • spacing Optional
  • rails with global fiducials and mounting pin.

 Thu Nov 8, 2018

Automatic Mouse Bites or Break-Away Tabs for PCBs

This video shows you how to use the navigator in AutoTRAX to locate and cross reference parts in your design.

It also shows you how to quickly tile your views.

 Wed Oct 31, 2018

Closed cut-out and copper pours

When generating Gerber files you are warned if any copper pours/split power planes are not filled.

New settings dialog to set default PCB cut-out width.

You can now close polyline and curve cut-outs. Some bug...

 Tue Oct 30, 2018

Node Optimizer

Node Optimizer eliminates redundant node junction. ( can be regarded as a bug


 Sun Oct 28, 2018

Parametric Local Fiducials

Parametric Local Fiducials Check the Add Fiducials checkbox in the Parametric

Properties panel. BGA Quad Flat Pack SOIC...

 Fri Oct 26, 2018


PCB Fiducials - You can now easily add Fiducial Markers to you PCB. for more info


 Fri Oct 19, 2018

Panelise your PCB with V-Cuts and Save Money

Panelise you PCB with V-Cuts and Save Money This video show how to quickly

panelise your PCB in AutoTRAX so you can save loads of money...

 Thu Oct 18, 2018

Improved Gerber Output/Viewer with V-cuts

Improved Gerber Output/Viewer with V-cuts Gerber Viewer now shows Gerber

Settings so you can 'click and see' what you get. Note: The Gerber is viewing the

Gerber files that will be produced. AutoTRAX outputs the Gerber files and reads

them back in so you can be...

 Thu Oct 18, 2018

Locate and cross reference parts in your design

This video shows you how to use the navigator in AutoTRAX to locate and cross

reference parts in your design. It also show you how to quickly tile your views.

 Thu Oct 18, 2018

Improved Visibility of Selected Entity

Improved Visibility of Selected Entity Bounding red rectangle now drawn 3 pixels

wide. Previously it was only 12 pixel wide. Original New Full sheet Improved

Navigator performance with tiled and floating viewports New buttons for tiling

viewports ...

 Wed Oct 17, 2018

Finding parts in your design

Finding parts in your design This video shows you how to use the Navigator in

AutoTRAX to quickly and easily add the parts in your design. This works for both

schematics and PCBs....

 Mon Oct 15, 2018

Part Builder – Terminal Grid Improvements.

Part Builder - Terminal Grid Improvements The terminal grid now orders by pads

name correctly. Selecting a terminal in the terminal grid highlights it. When

editing parts, the symbol's terminal magnet can only be moved when sub-picking.

Really, there is no need to...

 Thu Oct 4, 2018

Bug Fixes

Fix for setting layer when Filleting curves/polygons. Optimized code.

 Sun Sep 30, 2018

Window select now picks holes and cut-outs

Window select now picks holes and cut-outs No need to select sub-pick.

 Sat Sep 29, 2018

Filleting Curves and faster 2D/3D.

Filleting Curves and faster 2D/3D Filleting curves, both open and closed now has

radius parameter. Faster drawing of PCB holes, both in the 2D view and the 3D

view. Easily draws 10,000 + holes. Faster creation of 3D PCB polyline...

 Thu Sep 20, 2018

Fix for 2D images of 3D imported models

Fix for 2D images of 3D imported models Sometimes the 2D image in the PCB

view of imported 3D models was incorrect. This is now fixed. Size of projects /

parts files with imported 3D models greatly reduced in...

 Thu Sep 13, 2018

Missing Spreadsheet DLL Fixed.

Missing Spreadsheet DLL Fixed

 Thu Sep 6, 2018

Panasonic Style Capacitors

Panasonic Style Capacitors Also Fix for rounded tracks in Gerber output.

Improved placement of Footprint...

 Sat Sep 1, 2018

Optional height for TO3-TO66 parts

Optional height for TO3-TO66 parts...

 Thu Aug 30, 2018

New TO-3 and TO-66 Parametric Parts

New TO-3 and TO-66 Parametric Parts Underside...

 Tue Aug 28, 2018

Heatsink now optional for TO-220 parts

Heatsink now optional for TO-220 parts

 Mon Aug 27, 2018

Displaying saved by software version

Displaying saved by software version You can now display version of software

used to save.

 Sun Aug 26, 2018

Improved Castellated PCB

The castellated parametric part has been improved and errors Fixed.

 Sun Aug 26, 2018

Import Autodesk Eagle 9.1.3 Supported

You can now import Autodesk Eagle 9.1.3 files.

 Sat Aug 25, 2018

Floating 3D Viewports Improved

Floating 3D Viewports Improved Reflective materials such as resistor leads now


 Sat Aug 25, 2018

Improved Part Wizard

Several changed to the Part Wizard including remembering selected splitter sizes

and list choices.

Wed Aug 22, 2018

Jumpers and the BOM

Jumpers and the BOM Jumper information now added to the Bill of Materials

(BOM). Also library parts not overwritten. So you can change parametric part...

 Mon Aug 20, 2018

Fix for add resistor dialog

Fix for add resistor dialog Sometimes library part selection picked wrong type.

 Sun Aug 19, 2018

Axial part pitch auto-adjusts

Axial part pitch auto-adjusts Pitch changes when switching orientation.

 Thu Aug 16, 2018

New Vertical Axial Parts

New Vertical Axial Parts You can now mount axial parts vertically. You can place

the body over the left or right pad and you can flip the body...

 Wed Aug 15, 2018

Improved Part Building

Improved Part Building Fixed bugs. Improved usability. Added show part and

show base check boxes to the footprint builder. Add 3 panel view button.

 Tue Aug 14, 2018

Bug Fixes

Fixes for: PCB grid settings restoration. Real-time updating of 3D in Part Builder.

 Fri Aug 10, 2018

Improved Block Parametric Part

 Wed Aug 8, 2018

Improved Block Parametric Part You can now set: The number or rows. The

precise size of the 3D...

Improved handling of vias in footprints

 Wed Aug 8, 2018

Fix for lost vias on copied parts.

Improved real-time changes for Copper Fill

 Wed Aug 8, 2018

Improved real-time changes for Copper Fill Dragging slider updates copper fill

view in real-time Click to Play

view in real time. Click to Play...

TO-220 Parametric Part

 Tue Jul 31, 2018

TO-220 Parametric Part New. With heat-sink and nut/bolt.

PCB Cut-outs and Holes in Designs/Parts

 Sat Jul 28, 2018

Parts dragged from the library panel are now added to the project you add

parts/design to. Fix for sometimes copying symbols where copied symbol

terminals were flagged as having no associated...

DRC for Cut-out Polylines and Curves

 Thu Jul 26, 2018

Design rule checks no work with PCB cut-out polylines and curves.

Added Curved Cut-out Lines

 Wed Jul 25, 2018

These are bezier based cut-out lines.

Polyline PCB Cut-outs

 Tue Jul 24, 2018

Curved cut-outs within 72 hours. NOTE: Graphics can be

slow if you view PCB Filled.

Improved 3D Import – 2018.710

 Sat Jul 21, 2018

Improved 3D Import - Version 2018.710 Fixed scale. Fixed STL solid names with

spaces in them.

Changed Web Links

 Sat Jul 14, 2018

Updated links to https://dexpcb.com

Fix for Settings. Version 2018.707

 Tue Jul 10, 2018

Some settings were not restored on reload. This version should fix it.

Several Fixes and UI improvements

 Mon Jul 9, 2018

There has been several fixes and UI improvements. In particular: Copper pours.

3D. Website interface. Grouping - copy and paste.

Fix for SMT to Split Power Planes

 Sat Jun 23, 2018

Fix for SMT to Split Power Planes track width sometimes being incorrect on initial

project load.

Optional 3D Package Body

 Thu Jun 21, 2018

Optional 3D Package Body You now have an option to add/remove automatically

generated 3D package body. ...

Bug Fixes 2018-619

 Sun Jun 17, 2018

Fix for various bugs. Hatch fill. Moving resistors in PCBs. Footprint References

‘straying’ away from footprints.

Isolated Island Removal for Solid Pour

 Thu Jun 14, 2018

Isolated Island Removal for Solid Pour

Extended hatch Fill – Version 2018-608

 Wed Jun 13, 2018

Extended hatch fill UI improvements Copper pours are drawn underneath

everything on the same layer. This makes picking tracks etc. easier. Some bug

fixes. Board not...

Multiple Hatch Styles for Copper Pours – Version 2018.604

 Wed Jun 6, 2018

Multiple Hatch Styles for Copper...

Hatch Copper Pour Fill – version 10.600

 Sun Jun 3, 2018

You can now optionally fill your copper of pour areas with a hatch pattern Each

You can now optionally fill your copper of pour areas with a hatch pattern. Each

copper pour area can have its own fill style. For an individual copper pour use the

properties panel. To set the fill style for all copper pours use the Copper Pour

Settings dialog....

Added Board Materials Section to Layers Panel – Version


 Sun Jun 3, 2018

Added Board Materials Section to Layers Panel

Hatch Line Width and Spacing

Hatch Line Width and Spacing

 Sun Jun 3, 2018

Bug Fixes – Version 2018.536

 Tue May 29, 2018

Fix for 3D material editor sometimes disabled. Fix for lost 3D models

Improved visualization of 3D objects in 2D view. Version


 Thu May 24, 2018

Improved visualization of 3D objects in 2D view (Also several bug fixes)

Default dimension line/font separate settings

 Tue May 22, 2018

The default line and font settings for dimensions are separate from regular graphics objects such as lines/ellipses etc.

Click-Once installer dropped. Version 2018.520

 Wed May 16, 2018

Click-Once dropped for: Installs into odd location. Seems to upset Norton.

Impossible to stop updating if free updates license expired. Would leave you with

unlicensed S/W. It was more di??cult to upload latest version. It would not open

project/parts if you double...

AutoTRAX Now targets .NET 4.52

 Mon May 14, 2018

XP no longer supported.

 Sun May 13, 2018

Code Optimized. Version 2018.503

Version 2018.500

 Wed May 9, 2018

New version format. Year. Version

New supplier Finder dialog

 Wed May 2 2018

Use it to search for suppliers/parts.

Where’s That Datasheet?

 Mon Apr 30, 2018

Where’s That Datasheet? The Part Wizard now has a Data Sheet Source tree-list

center left. Double click on a part group to see list of part datasheets.

New Part Wizard + PDF

 Sun Apr 29, 2018

New Part Wizard + PDF The parts wizard has been improved with embedded data

sheets as PDFs incorporated to each wizard page. This makes it very easy to get

data from the datasheet into your new part and overcomes the restrictions that

many websites seem to have...

Improved Simulation. Version 10.604

 Wed Apr 25, 2018

Improved Simulation. Version 10.604 XSpice simulator moved out of the process

space of AutoTRAX. This protects AutoTRAX from memory leaks and memory

corruptions in XSpice. XSpice is written in C while AutoTRAX is developed with

C#/.Net managed...

New Simulation Control. Version 10.505

 Sun Apr 22, 2018

New Simulation Control. Version 10.505 Chart Instrument. Behaves like

oscilloscope and also like symbol. You can move the scope inputs. No need for

ground connection to scope. Much...

Improved Auto-Routing – Version 10.500

 Thu Apr 19, 2018

Function Generator – Oscilloscope

 Sat Apr 14, 2018

Function Generator – Oscilloscope

BJT Single Stage Amplifier

 Sat Apr 14, 2018

BJT Single Stage Amplifier Spice...

Function Generator – Oscilloscope

 Sat Apr 14, 2018

Function Generator – Oscilloscope

Improved SVG Import – Version 10.422

I Thu Apr 12, 2018

mproved SVG Import – Version 10.422

Improved SVG Import

 Wed Apr 11, 2018

Improved SVG Import

Solid Fill for SVG Import

 Fri Apr 6, 2018

Solid Fill for SVG Import

New Simplified Spice Probe

 Wed Apr 4, 2018

Improved SVG Import – Version 10.401

 Mon Apr 2, 2018

Improved SVG Import – Version 10.401

Import SVG, New Spice Probe, New ‘Scope – Version 10.409

 Sun Apr 1, 2018

Import SVG, New Spice Probe, New ‘Scope – Version 10.409 New Spice Probe...

Simulation Fix. Version 10.402

 Wed Mar 28, 2018

Simulation has now been changed to fix problems where it would not run on

some computers.

Improved Spice models – Version 10.315

 Tue Mar 20, 2018

Improved Spice models. Some bug Fixes.

Version 10.312

 Thu Mar 15, 2018

Version 10.312 New properties panel command to set corners on all pads.

Several speed increases Bug fixes

Several speed increases. Bug Fixes.

Automatic PCB Rounded Pads/Tracks and Teardrop

 Thu Mar 15, 2018

Automatic PCB Rounded Pads/Tracks and Teardrop This video show how you can

quickly round the corners of all your tracks and pads as well as add teardrops to

your PCB with AutoTRAX. Play...

Bug Fixes Version 10.310

 Tue Mar 6, 2018

Fixed: Double draw pcb holes on transformed PCB. Pin number in the wrong

location on transformed footprints.

Version 10.309 New Import DXF dialog with Units selection

 Fri Mar 2, 2018

Version 10.309 New Import DXF dialog with Units selection Autocad does not

have units so you need to decide on a suitable value. New colours for Nets

(Un-routed tracks) Yellow – standard nets. Cyan – nets with associated power

plane. Magenta – nets with associated...

Pick & Place Units – Version 10.306

 Wed Feb 28, 2018

You can now set the units for Pick & Place output.

Automatic Rounded Track Corners – Setting Radius (Video)

 Sun Feb 25, 2018

Automatic Rounded Track Corners - Setting Radius This video shows you how to

automatically add rounded corners to all your tracks in your PCB. It is

embarrassingly easy to do; just drag a slider from left to right. The radius of your

track corners will...

Optional Fully Automatic Rounding of Track Corners –

Version 10.243

 Sat Feb 24, 2018

Limitation (for now) Does not work with teardrops. Manual routing – non-rounded

view shown. Restored at the end. Only shown on fully routed tracks. Select track,

rounding not...

Fix for ‘phantom’ holes – Version 10.240

 Thu Feb 22, 2018

This was a visual error and did not affect Gerber files etc.


 Thu Feb 22, 2018

This video shows you how to split up a single symbol into multiple symbols that

more clearly represent the functionality of a device in your schematic. This

symbol was split on the final schematic and not in the part editor. Play...

Easier picking of pads and vias – Version 10.237

 Tue Feb 20, 2018

Multiple 3D Viewports – Version 10.231

 Mon Feb 19, 2018

You now have the possibility of multiple viewports. This will help you position 3D

objects. BACKUP DIRECTORY -> HISTORY DIRECTORY The backup directory has

now been renamed <design>.History to reflect what it really...

Faster Split Power Plane and Copper Fill – Version 10.229

 Fri Feb 16, 2018

Faster Split Power Plane and Copper Fill – Version 10.229

Manual Routings Now Faster – Version 10.226

 Thu Feb 15, 2018

Speed increase at end of manual routing. Fix for guides in PCBs.

Library Location / Manual Routing Bug Fix

 Wed Feb 14, 2018

You can now see/edit library location in the library panel. Fix for slow graphics

when manually routing a PCB and the real-time DRC is on. Problem was Windows

GDI+ did not like drawing small circles with dotted edge.

Improved Esc behaviour – Version 10.222

 Tue Feb 13, 2018

All commands now handle the ESC key better. Added property to Symbol

Values where, if there is only 1 terminal, then setting the text can optionally set

the signal name for all wires attached to that terminal. This is used for the Vcc,

Vdd, +5V parts in the...

Bug Fixes and 3D Status – Version 10.221

 Sun Feb 11, 2018

Fix for adding part with Model3D with no mesh. Added FPS status for 3D Status

bar works with 3D

Update DEX UNO – Version 10.219

 Sat Feb 10, 2018

Updated DEX-UNO project. See parts list. Fix for background set to black if Top

Package layer is set visible.

Setting the 3D Background (Video)

 Fri Feb 9, 2018

This video shows you how to change the background to the 3-D view of your

printed circuit board. The normal view is a gradient from one colour to another

and the default is from dark blue to white. You can easily change either of the

two gradient colours are select...

Recent _le list tooltip showing _le location… Version


Recent file list now show tooltip showing file location Improved quality of spheres,

cylinders, cone and tori. Improved 3D when zooming in. Clipping

eliminated/reduced. Fix for transparent PCB not showing 3D copper.

Dragging Materials onto 3D Objects Version 10.214

 Thu Feb 8, 2018

This video shows you can apply bitmaps as textures to 3D objects simply by

dragging the file from a Windows Explorer windows onto the object. Play Video

Creating Simple 3D objects (Video)

 Thu Feb 8, 2018

This video shows you how to add simple 3-D objects to a PCB part. It

demonstrates adding several objects including a box, cylinder, sphere, cone and

torus. It also shows you are you can rotate, translate and scale the objects by

dragging a 3-D manipulator. Play...

More bug fixes and UI changes – Version 10.211

 Tue Feb 6, 2018

More bug Fixes and UI changes – Version 10.211 Bug Fixes for add/edit resistor

dialog not viewports not displaying content. In the 3D viewport, pressing the

Space Bar toggles between View and Pick/Move mode. This does not affect any

other modes. Improved texture...

New Background Color Selector for 3D – Version 10.208

 Sun Feb 4, 2018

New Background Colour Selector for 3D – Version 10.208 You can now change the

background for 3D. This is set per Design. The Colour Bar at the bottom of the

Application now sets 3D material...

Added 3D Object Creation – Version 10.204

 Sat Feb 3, 2018

You can now add the following 3D objects directly in the 3D view Boxes Cylinders

Cones Spheres Tori See the 3D ribbon...

New in Version 10.201

 Wed Jan 31, 2018

Import 3D now has preview, Optimized memory, Convert to 3D, Undo/Redo

between sessions, 3D manipulator. Preview for importing 3D. Also displays

imported size to help with scaling. Imported 3-D models are kept in an internal

compact data structure that minimises...

Convert to 3D – Version 10.195

 Tue Jan 23, 2018

Convert to 3D – Version 10.195 Bug Fixes for 3D entities such as Rectangles,

Polylines, Ellipses. 3D Rectangles can now be hollow Added new command

‘Convert to 3-D.’ Selective several entities that have extrusion or height and click

the ‘convert to 3-D’ button....

Faster 3D/Reduced memory usage. Version 10.200

 Tue Jan 23, 2018

Faster 3D generation. e.g. 5X faster for DEX-UNO. Reduced memory used. e.g.

DEX-UNO memory reduced by 40%.

Bug Fixes = Version 10.184

 Fri Jan 19, 2018

Several minor bug Fixes. Fix for some errors in displaying footprint 2D packages.

Fix for errors in 3D for quad packages with gull wing leads.

Page scale thumbnail added – version 10.183

 Wed Jan 17, 2018

Page scale thumbnail added – version 10.183 Also: Show holes in 3D defaults to

show. SIPs extension below board set for standard parts. Thumbwheel

responsive speed changed. BUG – 3D elevation/dept thumbnails – did not update

3D. Thumbwheel for page scale Fix for...

Resizing a sheets content to fill the page

 Wed Jan 17, 2018

This video shows you how to resize the content of a sheet to fill the sheet. This is

extremely useful when you have a small design that only takes up a small area of

the sheet and you actually want an enlarged area for both aesthetic reasons and

for printing. This...

Bug Fixes – 10.0192

 Tue Jan 16, 2018

Fix bug with extrusion depth of 3D rectangles. Several other minor bug Fixes.

Improved some of the parts on the Parts menu.

Replacing an existing part in a PCB design

 Sun Jan 14, 2018

This video shows you how to replace a part in the design by simply dragging a

part from the library onto a symbol in your design and it will be automatically

replaced. This replacement will also include automatically wiring up the new part

with connections that...

New Prompt for Text Dialog

 Sun Jan 14, 2018

New Prompt for Text Dialog Macros added. Show character map dialog Clear button

Paste button Several extra symbol buttons, including TM and mho (inverted

omega for conductance). Bug Fixes for viewport context menu and selection of

locked objects, in particular groups....

Make all same width/combine shapes – Version 10.184

 Sat Jan 13, 2018

New menu commands added to make the width or height of all selected items

the same. Layout->Size menu Now unfilled closed shapes an lines/polylines and

curves can be combined into a single shape. Bug fix for Sheet properties in the

properties panel appearing...

Improved refresh part from library. Version 10.185

 Tue Jan 9, 2018

Improved refresh part from library Bug fix for symbol context menu now

refreshing part. Refresh position more accurate. Refreshing or replacing part by

dragging symbol from the library onto a symbol in a schematic now highlights

symbol when placed over the...

Aligning Inter-Wire Connectors – Version 10.178

 Mon Jan 8, 2018

Aligning Inter-Wire Connectors - Version 10.178 This video show you how to align

inter-wire connectors....

Version 10.175

 Sat Jan 6, 2018

Version 10.175 Sibling nodes automatically have same colour/width and style Also

new Set Node dialog for Inter-Wire connectors.

Inter-wire connector Colours – Version 10.174

 Fri Jan 5, 2018

Now setting the fill pattern/colour of an inter-wire connector will set the fill

pattern/colour of all inter-wire connectors connected to the same node (node


Installer Size Reduced by 40% – Version 10.171

 Tue Jan 2, 2018

Installer Size Reduced by 40% – Version 10.171 Installer reduced from 111 Mb to

63 Mb. No longer contains library or .chm help file. Library downloaded

automatically if needed. Help now...


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