Tuesday 31 May, 2016

  • In 3D viewport, press Ctrl+C or copy, the image is copied to the clipboard with white background.
  • Fix for transparent 3D images/note boxes.
  • Fix for mis-sized courtyards when changing parametric part type.

Saturday 28 May, 2016

  • Copper pours and inner layer colors take on node colors if set.

Friday 27 May, 2016

  • Fix for swapping sides in DEX GL.
  • Fix for polygonal copper pours being optimized out. (deleted!)
  • Adding polygonal copper pours no longer forces the documentation layer to be visible.
  • Copper pour properties panel fill button works.
  • Added option in the layers panel to draw tracks in the same color as the schematic node color. The color is only used if you change the schematic node color from the default else it is copper colored. Colors also show in 3D if you turn off 3D copper.

Thursday 26 May, 2016

  • Improved initial 3D viewpoint.
  • Solder mask visible in 3D is off by default on creating new projects and parts.
  • If the 3D viewport fails it no longer shows transparent but displays an error.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Vastly improved shadow quality when zoom in.
  • 3D view does not clip 3D objects. This means your viewport cannot be very close to the board. The camera angle changes between wide angle and telephoto.
  • Fix for schematic errors not being deleted when the schematic is a child schematic of another.

Wednesday 25 May, 2016

  • Fixed several user interface bugs.
  • Moving footprints in 3-D improved.
  • Several other bugs fixed.
  • Resetting panels settings now no longer changes the layout of the quick access bar or the ribbon menu.

Tuesday 24 May, 2016

  • You can now move footprints around in the 3D viewport. However, you cannot, as yet, rotate them.

Monday 23 May, 2016

  • Fix for the occasional non-appearance of the add resistor or add capacitor dialog.

Sunday 22 May, 2016

  • I have improved chip footprint 2-D and 3-D representations with better parameter handling.
  • I have added a Width parameter to the chip footprint parameters editor.
  • Fix for the problem when using the left or right arrow key when editing a numerical import control, the 2-D or 3-D viewport visible would pan left or right.
  • Rounded extruded rectangles now correctly rendered in 3-D.
  • Fix for auto sizing courtyards it when you move the footprint inside the part editor. The placement point is also correctly positioned.
  • Improved rendering of 2-D footprint value text in parametric parts.
  • In schematics when you are sub-selecting symbol values/references/terminals then the text will show the rotated value semi-transparent together with a dotted bounding rectangle. You will need to be in sub-select mode to select a symbol value/reference/terminal. Simply selecting the symbol will not show rotated values. You can turn this behavior off in the application settings under the schematic settings.
  • You can now move 3-D imported objects in the 3-D viewport. However at the moment you cannot move other parts. I hope to do that soon.

Saturday 21 May, 2016

  • I have added hemispheres to the base of BGA’s in the part designer so you can get a more realistic view of what the BGA will look like. When the BGA is actually place the PCB the hemispheres will not be drawn in 3-D as they will not be visible and it would just slow down the 3-D rendering.
  • In the part designer, when you have a symbol that does not have a terminal magnet you will see the terminal name and terminal pad name as well as the symbol value and symbol reference have a small dotted rectangle, vertically orientated, round it. This shows you where the text will be when you rotate the part. So you can move the items and see if they will interfere with any other item such as graphic lines are text when the part is rotated. You can then press to rotate the complete part and you will see how the text rotates and hopefully does not collide with other items.
  • Fixed for invisible symbol values in schematics.
  • In the part designer with no terminal magnet, all symbol terminal names and symbol terminal pad names as well as symbol values and references will show a semi-transparent rotated text value to illustrate the position of the texts when you rotate the part 90°.
  • Over-strikes in symbol names are now drawn the same color as a symbol name.

Friday 20 May, 2016

  • Fixed problem with viewing CNC files that have been generated for PCBs with polygonal/curved profiles. The CNC output is correct but there was just a problem with the viewer.
  • Added bounding dotted rectangles to pad names, symbol terminal names, symbol references and symbol values when editing a part in part editor and there is no terminal magnet present. This help you avoid collisions when rotating parts in schematics.
  • Pressing space bar in the part editor with nothing selected will rotate the part. This is great to see how a part will rotate when placed inside a schematic.

Thursday 19 May, 2016

  • Pad names and terminal names in symbols remain horizontally orientated if no symbol terminal magnet is present.
  • Add do not rotate in parts and sub-pickable in parts to image entities.

Wednesday 18 May, 2016

  • Non-OpenGL 3D graphics version now phased out.
  • Faster graphics for OpenGL 2.
  • Fix for missing 3D hole in copper pour for rounded rectangular pads. Not a problem with the PCB, just visual.

Tuesday 17 May, 2016

  • Faster rendering for OpenGL version 2. There are some things still to do e.g. 3D tracks wrong color, and some UI interactive changes.

Monday 16 May, 2016

  • For OpenGL version 2, DEX runs a reduced 3D render. This will be speeded up shortly.
  • Fix for centering PCB. Some track corners did not move.
  • Fix for layers importing Eagle board files.

Sunday 15 May, 2016

  • Fix for importing VRML in countries where ‘,’ is the decimal point.
  • Added 3 different pin configurations for SOT143 packages.
  • Added hue slider control to loaded package image texture for parametric parts.

Saturday 14 May, 2016

  • You can now set the material for part leads in 3D to either gold, dull gold, silver or matt silver.
  • You can now set the color for IC sockets. Currently only DIPs can have sockets.
  • New 3D package material parameters for brightness, contrast and saturation. Turns 1 texture into 100’s.
  • Fix for holes in parts not cutting holes in copper pours in the correct position.
  • Fix for SOT-143 sizing.

Friday 13 May, 2016

  • Fix for 3D entities (rectangles/ellipses etc.) not swapping layers inside footprints.
  • Changed orientation and improved sizing of text on 3D packages.
  • Fix for the left and right arrows panning the viewport when viewport foes not have focus.

Thursday 12 May, 2016

  • Reflective surface/power now works with textured added (3D).
  • In projects, changing the symbol value for single terminal symbols e.g. Vdd, Vcc , AGND will set the user defined node for the terminal. This easily lets you change say Vdd into VDD. You can change the symbol value by either:
    • Double click it or
    • Selecting it’s and change it in the properties panel or
    • Selecting it’s symbol and change it in the properties panel.

Wednesday 11 May, 2016

  • Increase size of flat on LED.
  • Added option to apply texture map to the body of all parametric parts except Metal Can. See Package Color property panel in the part builder.

Monday 9 May, 2016

  • Added flat for LED parametric parts.
  • New polarized silkscreen for LED parametric parts.

Sunday 8 May, 2016

  • Fix for top/bottom package layers turning on when rotating parts etc.
  • Added Crystal parametric part.
  • Added LED parametric part.

Saturday 7 May, 2016

  • Fix to Gerber output so a D code is always output with width > 0

Friday 6 May, 2016

  • Added option to rotate 3D package text by 180°.
  • Added option to automatically add sockets in 3D. DIP only at the moment.
  • Adding and editing schematic wires, holding down middle mouse button and dragging pans, scroll wheel zoom in/out.

Tuesday 3 May, 2016

  • Fix for gap error in rounded pads inside copper pour regions.
  • You can now reorder the items in the quick access toolbar by simply holding down the left mouse button on the quick access toolbar button and dragging it to the desired location.

Monday 2 May, 2016

  • Reduced memory usage and file size for imported 3D. Approx. 20%.
  • Materials editor for imported 3D Models now allow you to load a texture from a file.

Sunday 1 May, 2016

  • Added imported 3D model 3D material editor. Set color and reflectivity of materials that make up an imported 3D model.
  • Fixed generation of 2D image from the 3D.


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