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There are  over 100 of PCB Design tutorial videos to help you get the best out of AutoTRAX.

See how to design your next PCB with over 100 PCB design tutorial videos showing integrated schematic and PCB design with parametric 3D parts.

General Design Tutorial Videos

Here you will find PCB design tutorials covering general topics for PCB design.


Schematic Tutorial Videos

Here you will find PCB design tutorials covering the design of schematics for your PCB design.


PCB Design Tutorial Videos

These videos teach you how to design your PCB.


Part Design Tutorial Videos

Here you will see loads of tutorial videos on designed parts. These include schematic symbols, footprints (also known as land patterns) and 3D parts. You will also learn about AutoTRAX’s unique parametric parts which can generate 1000’s of parts from just a few numeric parameters. Creating parts has never been easier.


Graphics Tutorial Videos

For too long the current crop of last millennium design tools have fallen way to short on quality graphics. You deserve the best quality graphics your computer can deliver. AutoTRAX gives you outstanding graphics with many options including:

  • Line and boundary patterns and colors.
  • Line caps.
  • Fill¬†patterns and colors including solid fill, radial fill and linear fill.
  • Lines, rectangles, ellipses, circles, polylines, polygons, closed curves.
  • Embed images.
  • Dimensions.
  • Text with True-type fonts, even on your PCBs.

AutoTRAX uses full floating point math and graphics data to give you extreme accuracy.

So why wait? Watch these videos and learn how to create stunning schematics, PCBs and 3D images.



3D Tutorial Videos

Creating 3D parts has been a terrible burden when designing your PCB. Importing 3D models from a website can be extremely frustrating and, if you can actually find the part on the internet, often results in an oversize design file and slow 3D performance. AutoTRAX solves this problem by actually automatically creating the 3D parts from the parametric part data. How cool is that? Now you can stun your boss and customers by showing them photo-realistic views of the final PCB before it has even been made.

These videos show you how. Have fun…


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