Just bought this lot for only £8.99 from Amazon.co.uk. Oddly its $12.99 from Amazon.com.

  • Solderless breadboard is convenient for the testing of the temporary prototypes and experiment circuit design and other DIY projects. Essential tool for the Arduino; Raspberry Pi.
  • Different size with different Tie Points options, 170/400/830 ties points. Contacts are phosphor bronze with plated nickel finish. Insertion wire is 21-26 AWG.
  • Self-adhesive back tape makes it easy to stick on the Arduino prototype shield. Convenient to use. Letters labeled on side for the reference of each column.
  • Dupont jumper wire male to male comes with the breadboard. flexible, well constructed, makes your project start quickly.
  • Package comes with multi-size breadboards as a pack and 80 pcs Dupont jumper wire(male to male).


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