A bit about myself

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A bit about myself

I have been employed as a System Support Officer for the last 30+ years with a major on-course totalisator company (horse racing) but even before starting there I was making my own PCBs with double size `letraset’ type transfer stickers and routing `wires’ by hand with this tape. I then started using a shareware program (I think called Smartwork) then PADs and then onto Protel-Autotrax (no relation to this AutoTRAX DEX), and again, when I started with the company I am now employed by, used Protel 98 (later upgraded to 99se).  I have, to date, designed 15 boards using AutoTRAX DEX and most, except for a few contract jobs I did, can be found, and are available for purchase, in my site listing here.  

Visit My Site...

Site space generously donated by my good friend Don from


AutoTRAX DEX can be purchased from `AutoTRAX Software’  

AutoTRAX Web Site

Useful forums about AutoTRAX DEX include,

AutoTRAX User Forum


Visit the BackShed Forum...




I can be contacted via private messaging at either of the above forums (my username for both forums is bigmik) or by use of my email address: bigmick58@bigpond.com

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