Active3D is the 3D technology embedded in DEX PCB Designer to give you superb, photo-realistic, super fast 3D using the lasted OpenGLTM GPU technology.

DEX UNO in 3D viewed from the top

Why put up with poor quality, unrealistic 3D views of your PCB?

Instead, view your PCB in real-time with...

  • Automatic generation of 3D for parametric parts. No need to import 3D models.
  • real-time shadows.
  • reflective metallic surfaces.
  • transparency.
  • Texture mapping.
  • True 3D text.
  • super fast speed.
  • and above all, super fast, high quality imaging showing your PCB to you and the world.

Viewing your PCB in Glorious 3D - see the video

Now you can view your PCB complete with shadows, reflective surfaces, 3D copper and even see the solder.

Play video
Play video

Active3DTM is the registered trademark of DEX Software