Download AutoTRAX

You can easily download AutoTRAX DEX fully integrated schematic capture and PCB Design Software with smart parametric parts and automatic 3D generation.

Download AutoTRAX DEX

Download AutoTRAX now and experience 21st. century schematic capture and PCB design software at it’s best.

  • You will download the installer executable which will install the program. It also includes an uninstaller.
  • To find out how to uninstall AutoTRAX, click here
  • It is the full version but without plottings and Gerber output until you enter a valid software key, which you need to purchase.
  • The installer may require a password.
  • In addition you will also receive an email giving details about installing and removing the program.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10

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Windows XP  or later

You can use a 32 bit version or a 64 bit version. A 64 bit version is recommended.


A decent size disc with ample space is recommended. At least 500Mb of free space is recommended.


The faster the better. I suggest an I7.


The more the better. On a  32 bit version O/S you are limited to 3GB usable (the extra 1GB is reserved for your video card). I recommend at least 2GB on Windows XP and 3GB on Windows 7 and later. Windows Vista is not recommended.


You must have at least a 24 bit color video card. It must also support OpenGL 3 or later if you wish to view your PCB in 3D. It is also a very good idea to download the latest graphics card driver as often graphics cards are quickly shipped with a sometimes ‘buggy’ driver (the need to ship products in the fast evolving graphics card industry is great – they only have a short market gap).

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