Monday 28 November, 2016

  • Electra 5.60 usage improved.

Sunday 27 November, 2016

  • Improved 2D package visuals for SOIC and Quad parts.
  • Updated to Electra 5.60

Saturday 26 November, 2016

  • Yellow circle around SMT circular pads.
  • DXF output now has units option.
  • Added button to Panels menu to view the first top level schematic.
  • Fix to vertical inner and outer settings for quad packages wrong values when changed.
  • Add J-lead option to SOIC and Quad packages.
  • Add straight lead option to SOIC and Quad packages.
  • Improved gull-wing leads on SOIC and Quad packages.

Monday 14 November, 2016

  • Improved 3D for resistors. Spherical ends.
  • Added polarity band to axial devices not banded.

Sunday 6 November, 2016

  • New location for DEX support services.

Wednesday 2 November, 2016

  • Added option to hide all nets (unrouted tracks) when moving footprints.

It’s in Settings->Application->PCB and is off by default.

Tuesday 1 November, 2016

  • Improved installer.
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