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Design your next PCB using AutoTRAX DEX

AutoTRAX is a leading developer of innovative electronic design software for PCB designers, with worldwide sales in over 60 countries.
‘It’s easy to make a program hard but hard to make a program easy!’

You can purchase the Full Version of AutoTRAX for

only $49

This is a saving of $50 on the regular price of $99

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This is the FULL version and includes free upgrades for 12 months and never expires.
Unlimited pin count, sheets, layers, parts, PCB size – in other words : everything unlimited!


Is the software locked to a single machine?

Absolutely not. You receive a serial number that is machine independent and NEVER expires. The software will last forever so long as you have a machine with a suitable O/S.


Can I also run DEX on my laptop as well as the work computer?

Yes, you can run AutoTRAX on either your laptop and/or your work desktop with the same license. 

In fact, you can run AutoTRAX and any number of computers, just so long as it’s the same person or AutoTRAX is only running on one computer at a time. I trust you!

Would I own the software?
When you purchase AutoTRAX you own it forever. Unlike companies like Autodesk, that now charge you $500 EVERY YEAR for Eagle,  our AutoTRAX  never expires. It’s not even locked to a machine. There are no  rip-off annual fees to use it.

So why RENT software when you can own it?

Why is there only 1 version?

The answer is simple. Honesty. The binary code contains all the functionality and it would be unfair to disable parts or limit designs. When you buy a car, you don’t expect a chain fence around the passenger seats and to be told you need to pay more to use them; the seats are there!


I already purchased, How to I renew?
If you still have some upgrade time left then the extra 12 months will be added your current upgrade periods. e.g. if your subscription end on 21st. September, 2017 it will be extended to 21st. September, 2018.

You do not need a current update license. If it has expired that is fine. The free update period will start from today.

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